AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group BCG Phosphate,Chrome,Nickel Boron – in stock 2013

AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group BCG,  Available in: Phosphate,Chrome,Nickel Boron Finishes – in stock 2013

AR-15 Bolt carrier Group BCG in stock 2013

Purpose of Item: The Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) is the heart of the weapon. The Carrier houses the Bolt, and bleeds off the gas which drives the weapon. The bolt locks and unlocks the cartridge into place within the barrel. While much attention is paid to the bolt, this Guide should give an overview of the entire BCG.

Tools Needed:  None needed for assembly or disassembly.

Items Included : A Bolt Carrier Group usually comes as a complete unit. There are sometimes options or upgrades available such as coatings, extractor inserts, or heavier staking. These options are most often through a dealer, and not through the manufacturer.

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