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Barrel Break in and cleaning process

Posted by Jose Rueda on

Barrel Break In Procedures

Items Needed:

Break In:

1.Fire one round and clean bore with Bore Snake (Repeat 5 times)
2.Fire five rounds and clean bore with Bore Snake (Repeat 5 times)
3.Fire ten rounds and clean with Bore Snake (Repeat 2 times)

Cleaning Procedure:

1. Clear weapon
2. Remove Bolt Carrier and Charger
3. Insert Bore Snake and pull through 
4. Repeat step 3 4-5 times
5. Run some CLP or bore lube to prevent rust
6. Proceed onto the next task

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  • “6. Proceed onto the next task” would refer to move on to the next task since your barrel is broken in.

  • I read an article written by a Top Shooter his last name is TUBB or TUBBS. gun goes in a low heat 170 oven, HOT Soapy water scrub /w/ brass brush. then lap the barrel /w/ 3 grits of compound. It takes some time BUT it WILL tighten your group.I did my SAVAGE Mod 112 .22-250 had the trigger honed to 1 3/4# & OH! SO SWEET ! HOPE THIS HELPS SOME BODY.

    Denny on
  • Thanks for providing this.

    Chris Harper on
  • Referring to cleaning proceedure #6 it states one should proceed to the next task. What is the next task?

    Bakercloud on

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