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Cobratac 3-Gun Competition Handguard Install Instructions

Posted by Jose Rueda on



  1. Barrel nut pre installed in handguard, loosen clamp screws and remove..
  2. Insert barrel into receiver, hand tighten barrel nut onto receiver use blue loc-tite
  3. Using a 1 3/16” (30mm) wrench (crows-foot) tighten to 25-30 ft lbs. torque
  4. Install gas block assembly
  5. Slide handguard over the barrel and align the top rail
  6. Tighten alignment set screws (3 & 9 oclock) alternating little by little until 5-8 lbs.
  7. Once aligned, Tighten clamp set screws to 8-15 lbs. use blue LocTite
  8. Install muzzle device, and take her out for a test fire, Enjoy!

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  • I ordered this handguard recently and have been following the install instructions exactly but the barrel is not centered in guard. Every time I tighten the clamp set screws the guard adjusts and the barrel angles towards the bottom of the opening. I’ve tried tightening it all different ways but can’t seem to get it aligned. Any advice for ways to get around this? Or something I could be doing wrong?

    Bradley Nelson on

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