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Titan Compact Competition Muzzle Brake | AR-15 .223


Vendor: CTS

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If your looking to virtually eliminate muzzle rise and recoil then the Titan Competition Brake is the one for you! These competition brakes are not only very stylish but perform superbly they are very similar in design to the JP Bennie Cooley (R),  Miculek (R) and PRI (R) Muzzle Brakes. It is equipped with three large baffles and six opposing ports that direct gasses outward. The Titan Compact Competition muzzle brake effectively counters and reduces muzzle jump to get you back on target quicker but in a more compact design. You will have Much Better control over recoil as well as muzzle flip. The AR Titan Compact Competition muzzle brake features a solid bottom and minimizes dust printing when shooting prone. Warning ! You will not make friends at the range using the Titan Compact Brake, The sound and the port blast is very impressive, as with all of our Titan Brakes.


Crush Washers or Jam Nuts are always sold separately. The performance you receive with these will give you the extra edge you need to shave time off your Competition shooting scores!


Features and Specs:

  • CNC Machined High Quality 4140 Ordinance Steel
  • Magnesium Phosphate Treated & Hot Oil Cured
  • Competition Muzzle Brake, Compact design
  • Patented Side Baffle and top port design
  • Side and top ported for superb control
  • Must be indexed to your specific shooting variables (see indexing jam nuts)
  • Quality Machining, Solid Block of Steel
  • Reduced Back Pressure
  • Short Stubby Version (Long Version Available)
  • 25-30% Flash Reduction
  • 70-80% Muzzle Rise Reduction

Size               Dims                     Weight             Thread

.223/5.56:      1"  X 2.375"             5.1 oz.             1/2" x 28

.308/7.62       1"  X 2.375"             5.0 oz.             5/8 x 24

Video Demo:

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