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CobraTac FAQ

“Item has been out of stock, what is an ETA?”

Please sign up for restock notifications. Customer service is not authorized to confirm ETA of production schedule.

If an item has been out of stock for more than six months the item might be a discontinued item of ours or overflow sale of a build part that is selectively available outside of a custom build.

 “Will this item fit my product?”

If both products in question are CobraTac branded or selling items we can help you with any specific question. Please open a customer service ticket.

If the product you would like our item to fit is a brand or item we do not carry please contact that manufacturer of that product and ask them if our item will fit. We cannot guarantee our item will fit something we do not have in house to test and CobraTac chooses to be absolved of any blame if our advice proves not to be true in application.

All specs for our items are listed in the description. If there is a spec not listed we will gladly get that information to you. Please Open a customer service ticket and request specific measurement that is not listed.

 “I need to add or change my order!”

There is a limited window. Please contact customer service ASAP. No guarantee item can be canceled before shipment as our shipping department operates independently when preparing new orders.


"What do you mean the item might need to be modified!"

We expect our customers to be at least a mid-level building level and advice from us to modify the item with industry tools and supplies is not uncommon. 

"Do you offer Retired/disabled/veteran discounts?"

We offer ACTIVE military/LEO discounts on certain items only. Many of our customers are former military so we try to price our costs low for everyone, no code necessary. Some items are not applicable for discounts because of our new low pricing structures and already active codes.

"The price changed when I put item in cart?!" 

Please make sure you had selected the proper variant for the product wanted. Some products have different colors/packages in a drop down menu on item page. Some browsers/systems, If a new variant is selected, might need a quick refresh on product page that will insure proper page display for review of product before adding to cart. Also, did you enter advertised code? Sometimes prices vary depending on a current sale code.

"There are more than one pending charges on my account" 

Did you have to resubmit card information or use a different card? This is probably why. The "pending" amount will cleared within 24-72 hours depending on the policy of YOUR BANK. Your final charge will be only for products in one of your orders unless multiple orders have been made (you would have separate order confirmation and order number) Any questions regarding your banks policy on "account holds" should be directed to your bank.