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Return Policy and Procedures

Please read the entire return policy and procedure before starting a claim. It is important to follow directions in order to have consistency in quality customer support.

 Starting a Return Item Support Ticket

Return Eligibility

Following conditions must be met before an item is eligible to be returned.
  1. You must receive an RMA# from customer service prior to any returns… any random returns with no rma# on the outside of the box will be declined and returned to sender!
  2. Your item must be unused and uninstalled and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.(the only exception to this condition is a FUNCTIONALLY defective item)
  3. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase to be verified by us (order number is sufficient)
  4. Item must be under warranty period or within 14 days of receiving the item.


Return Item Classifications

Cobra Tactical Systems LLC does not offer a “no questions asked” return policy. All eligible returns must be classified into specific categories outlined below, any items falling outside of these categories will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis:
  1. Defective Item - Item must be functionally defective. (Blemished, warranty or service issue items are not considered a defective items.)
  2. Wrong Item Received - Wrong items are defined as items you received, that are not in your order or your packing slip.
  3. Missing items – items that were included in the order and packing slip that are not in the box. (This is very rare as we have extensive order quality control and inspect every order for completion before shipping)
  4. Customer No Longer Wants the Item/Customer mistake - Items that are: ordered by mistake, spousal disapproval, impulse purchase guilt, or just flat out customer has changed their mind…
  5. Blemished items - Must have an extreme visual defect in the finish, but does not affect the performance at the time of shipping.
  6. Not as described – Items that do not reflect product page description and photos only… (Misunderstanding of product description by the customer is not considered “not as described” if you have any doubts always call in and ask before ordering)
  7. Insured Shipping Damage – items that have been damaged in transit by the shipping provider (images will be required)
  8. Warrantee and or Service Claim – Items that need to be serviced by our service dept. (examples are upgrading components, replacing warranty items, make adjustments fine tuning)

Return Item Process  - What to Expect -

  1. Determine Eligibility (Item must be eligible before continuing to step 2)
  2. Determine Classification (Item must fall within a classification before step 3)
  3. Contact customer service, fill out a completed support ticket, & wait for a response (see “contacting customer service” below)
  4. Acquire an RMA# (Return Authorization Number) from customer support rep
  5. Return the item and note the RMA# on 2 sides of the return shipment packaging
  6. Customer support will contact you confirming receipt of the return item
  7. Return claim will be processed by the returns/service department as per our stated return and warrantee service policies
  8. At completion of return item issue applicable refunds or monies due will be processed by customer support

Contacting customer service

How to start an "item return" support ticket:

  1. Click on the bottom left of the website on the green tab that states “Support”
  2. The support dialog will open up
  3. Leave your full name used in the order in the “Your name" Section
  4. Leave the email used in the order placed in the "Email Address" Section
  5. In the message box labeled “how can we help you” on the first line note your order number…
  6. On the second line note your return item classification
  7. On the third line and onward please describe your issue
  8. If making a claim for return of defective item, wrong item, damaged in shipping, missing items etc.. Please upload pictures of the issue, and/or packing slip, or anything that may be of assistance in help clarifying your stated issue.
  9. Review your ticket and make sure it is clear and concise, once your satisfied with the verbiage, click the green send button
  10. Please wait patiently for customer service to contact you with the next steps to be taken.

Note: submitting a support ticket with incomplete information will result in 2-3 business day delays, as further research will need to be conducted, and properly completed tickets will take priority.

-Support Ticket Response Times-

Please allow at least 1-2 business days for a customer service response. If for example, a ticket was submitted on a Friday evening the next business day would be the following Monday (please be patient).
NOTE: Please do not open multiple tickets. It only delays response time and slows down the support process. If you need to add a note to your original ticket please respond within the same email thread.
CUSTOMER CONDUCT: Our main concern is resolving any and all issues, with that in mind, please help us help you. If at any time a customer becomes irate, combative, threatening or resorts to using foul language; our customer service rep reserves the right to refuse any further contact. Please remain calm and allow us to help you with your issues. 





In order to receive an RMA we will need sufficient proof of issue. We require a proper and complete support ticket submission.  A complete return item support ticket will require the following:
  1. Full name on order
  2. Order number
  3. Accurate and Honest description of issue
  4. Photos of issue if applicable
    Once we have all of the required information, we will issue an RMA# within 2 business days.


    Upon approval and issuance of an RMA#, Cobra Tactical Systems LLC will provide a prepaid return shipping label if the return item falls under the following classifications: (if your return classification is outside of the following, prepaid return shipping will be approved on a case by case basis)
      1. Defective item
      2. Wrong item received
      3. Insured shipping Damage

      For items that need to be returned by a customer provided shipping carrier, please return to :

      Cobra Tactical Systems LLC
      Returns Dept.
      1125 Old Dixe Hwy Ste.5
      Lake Park, FL 33403 

      The cost of shipping will be deducted from your cash refund as part of your restocking fee. If you are shipping an item back over $75, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item if uninsured. If the package is lost in transit or items are damaged we can not be held responsible for the product.

       -Return Item Receipt Notice-

      Within 2 business days , Upon the delivery of your return item to Cobra Tactical Systems LLC, a  customer service agent will notify you that we received the return item/items and that the claims verification procedure within the Returns/Service Dept. has commenced.

      -Claim Verification Procedure-

      Cobra Tactical Systems LLC does not provide a “no questions asked” return policy. Our process is based on proof of issue described, it is very important to be straight forward and honest throughout the returns process so that everything gets processed efficiently. The Claim verification procedure generally takes 1-3 business days, please allow for more time for more complex issues.

      We will need to receive from the customer, a detailed description of the issue as well as photos of the issue, the packing slip, and shipping material if applicable.

      Please make sure to be accurate and honest with your claim. The returns dept. will be looking into every return and will attempt to recreate the issue described on the service ticket.  Returns that are determined to be wrongly classified will be reclassified and or become ineligible for a return.

      At the completion of claims verification procedure, your customer service agent will contact you with the result of the verifications procedure and your options. 

      -Item Return Claim Approval/Disapproval Options-

      Note: Original shipping will not be refunded in any of the options below…


      Defective item, Wrong item, Blemished item, and Not as described classification

      1. Exchange for exact item, we will pay for shipping to you (standard option)
      2. Receive dollar amount paid for the item/items as store credit (courtesy option)
      3. Receive money back refund less restocking fee of up to 25% (courtesy option)

      Missing items classification

      1. Ship out the missing item , we will pay for shipping to you (standard option)
      2. Receive dollar amount paid for the item/items as store credit (courtesy option)

      Customer no Longer Wants the Item/Customer Mistake Classification

      Assuming the item has shipped and you have it in hand

      1. Receive money back refund less restocking fee of up to 25% (standard option)
      2. Receive dollar amount paid for the item/items as store credit (courtesy option)

      Insured Shipping Damage Classification

      This process is slightly more involved as we will be assisting with the insurance claims procedure that is mandated by the shipping provider. (Link to shipping policies and insurance claim procedures) Once the shipping provider has issued the funds for the insured damaged item…

      1. Exchange for exact item, we will pay for shipping to you (standard option)
      2. Receive dollar amount paid for the item/items as store credit (courtesy option)
      3. Receive money back refund less restocking fee of up to 25% (courtesy option)

       Warranted Claim Service Classification 

      Assuming that the warranty work has been approved by the claims verification's Dept. there will be a 3-15 business day processing time for your item to be serviced. Processing time depends of service work that needs to be completed. An item swap out will be much faster than a full upper service issue which requires troubleshooting and test firing… 

      1. Exchange for repaired or replaced item, we will pay for return shipping to you (standard option)
      2. Receive dollar amount paid for the item/items as store credit (courtesy option)
      3. Receive money back refund less restocking fee of up to 25% (courtesy option)


      Defective Item Classification, NOT REPLICATED/UNCONFIRMED

      In the event that "Defective" item issue can not be replicated: We reserve the right to charge due service fees, to and from shipping fees, and or any other fees associated with service call investigation and or repair. The cost of labor, price of return shipping label (if we provided), and cost of shipping item back to customer, will be added to the service ticket. Any Due amount would need to be paid by the customer before the functional item can be returned back to the owner.