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16" 6.8 SPC II AR Barrel, M4 SOCOMM Profile 1:10 | NITRIDE


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These Barrels have been professionally developed for Accuracy and performance long range target shooting. Custom Machined from solid Bar Stock of Chrome-Moly Steel Hardened to 26-32 RC Spec and then Cryogenically Stress relieved and nitride/melonite finish for prolonged accuracy under heavy use/competition.

 Nitride Treated:Read about this process being better than Chrome lined bores

The 6.8 SPC round has the same energy at 250 yards as the M855 (5.56 GREEN TIP) has at the muzzle. At 600 yards it has the same energy as a 7.62mm M43 at 275 yards, M193 at 250 yards and M855 at 375 yards. Since the 6.8mm is of a larger calibre and greater sectional density than the 5.56mm, it will use this energy more effectively when producing terminal damage. Performance can be increased slightly by using 110gr ammunition, giving you more velocity and less bullet drop over range.

The lower velocity of the 115gr ammunition combined with more kinetic energy makes this round less susceptible to deflection from soft cover such as foliage, shooting through glass (in the case of vehicle interdictions) and chest rigs.

6.8mm upper receivers will fit AR lowers, but you will need to change the bolt though and use specific 6.8 mags. You can try regular pmags.. but the tolerances inside the 5.56 mag are quite tight because the 6.8 cartridge is bigger in diameter. Although the calibre is larger, the difference in recoil is hardly evident and is quite controllable when engaged in rapid fire.


Our Socomm 6.8SPC Barrel is capable of 1/2"-3/4"  MOA 5 shot group at 325 Yards. This means all 5 shots will be touching. 



  • Length: 16"
  • Profile: M4 SoComm Competition
  • Rifling: 1/10 twist, 6 groove button rifled
  • Chamber: 6.8 SPC 
  • Gas System Length: Carbine
  • Alloy: 4145 Chrome Moly Vanadium Barrel Ordinance Steel
  • Nitride Lined Bore and exterior for superb corrosion resistance.
  • Cryo Stress Relieved, Nitride/Melonite Surface finish
  • Mil spec M4 feed Ramp Cuts
  • .750 Gas BLock Dia.
  • direct impingement or gas piston system compatable
  • Gas port drilled and tuned to .068 for optimal cycling
  • Barrel extension with extension Pin Installed

Length   Weight   Profile  Gas     Finish   Thread

16"           1.79Lbs    Socom    Mid      Melonite      1/2-36

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