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16" Stainless Fluted 1:9 HBar | Ultra-lite - 12" Aluminum HG - Titan Comp SS- Upper Build


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Cobratac's all new Precision Straight Fluted Tactical upper Build. Sure you can hunt down the parts from the four corners of the world and perhaps shave off a few bucks, but it just wont be the same. Cobratac 16" Tactical upper build features an industry leading Ultra Light Forged Upper receiver from Battle proven Forgings (Anchor Harvey or Cerro Forging). The 16" 416 Stainless Fluted HBar barrel offers supreme accuracy sub MOA performance at 200 yards. The Titan Compact Stainless Brake is an essential part of this Tactical weapon system, muzzle rise and felt recoil is virtually eliminated. The 12.5" CTS Ultra-Quad Tactical series Hand guard does a great job of extending your hand position to the sweet spot for a balanced maximum weapon control. 

The Pro Package comes with all of the features the Bare Bones Package has plus a Black Adder Charging Handle, Match Nitride BCG, & a CBUS Pro Metal Flip up sight This package is designed to unleash the full potential of this Tactical system on a budget that you can live with!

See Configurations below: 

Bare Bones Configuration: 3.7 LBS


  • All builds are made to order
  • Test fired for safety and accuracy
  • Full warranty for FTC,
  • Please allow 1-2 business days to ship.
  • This item IS NOT A FIREARM!!! It is only "Firearm Parts", so no FFL is needed and it can be shipped directly to you.
  • You are responsible for knowing your state or local laws.
  • We will not ship this item to areas where it is not legal to own.

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