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AAC Advanced Armament Fixed Barrel Spacer For Tirant 45


Vendor: Advanced Armament Corp

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Advanced Armament Corp Fixed Barrel Spacer, Fits Ti-rant 45 64250

Most modern .45 pistols employ a system of operation where the barrel and slide are locked together to contain the pressure of discharging a cartridge. In these systems it is necessary for the barrel to move within the frame either in a straight line or with a tilting motion. AAC's A.S.A.P. Clutch™ system used in the Ti-RANT series takes the weight of the silencer off the barrel allowing it to move and the host pistol to function in a normal semi-automatic fashion. On weapons with non-moving barrels the A.S.A.P. Cluthc™ system is not necessary and may actually damage the host firearm. This fixed barrel spacer replaces the driving spring in the A.S.A.P. Clutch™ system and allows users to safely use their Ti-RANT 45 silencer on host firearms with non-moving barrels.

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