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Screaming Banshee 3 Piece Can Krink Muzzle Brake | AR-15 .223


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GEN 3 , 3 piece can brake is based off of the original Russian Krinkov design, is designed to increase reliability in short barreled rifles & pistols by increasing back pressure. Also, the directs the muzzle blast forward of the shooter which alleviates most of the discomfort when firing the AR-15 Pistol or SBR. The Screaming Banshee is in essence a suppressor with 1 baffle and an open conical face, it does not suppress sound but it does suppress flash and directs all concussion down range at a 20 degree angle. This is important if you are defending in close quarters, a regular "bird cage" will direct concussion virtually 180 degrees from the muzzle thus blasting your squad with a physical concussion report.  The Screaming Banshee AR muzzle brake will reduce perceived Recoil and Concussion allowing you to focus on the task at hand more efficiently. 

GEN3 : Newly improved, and safer design, securing cap has been locked into place thus eliminating any chance of loosening or dislodging during heavy rapid fire. (no more safety pin needed)

  • CNC Machined High Quality 4140 Ordinance Steel
  • GEN-3, 3 piece Krinkov design (2-piece Design Available here)
  • Solid Machined Construction
  • Nitride Melonite Fisnish 
  • Increased back pressure for better cycling
  • 1/2X28 Pitch
  • Made in USA



    Size            Dims                         Weight               Thread

    .223/5.56:    1.4375"  X 3.25"            7.8 oz.               1/2" x 28


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