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Screaming Banshee 3 Piece Can Krink Muzzle Brake | AR-15 .223


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This 3 piece can brake is based off of the Russian Krink design, is designed to increase reliability in short barreled rifles & pistols by increasing back pressure. Also, the directs the muzzle blast Forward of the shooter which alleviates most of the discomfort when firing the AR-15 Pistol or SBR. The Screaming Banshee is in essence a suppressor with 1 baffle and an open conical face, it does not suppress sound but it does suppress flash and also directs all concussion down range at a 20 degree angle. This is important if you are defending in close quarters, a regular "bird cage" will direct concussion virtually 180 degrees from the muzzle thus blasting your squad with a physical concussion report.  The Screaming Banshee AR muzzle brake will reduce perceived Recoil and Concussion allowing you to focus on the task at hand more efficiently. This muzzle brake is great for an AR pistol, and or SBR AR-15 or AR-10. Heat Treated to further harden the alloy Steel, then Black Nitride Melonite treated for superior corrosion resistance


  • CNC Machined High Quality 4140 Ordinance Steel
  • 3 piece Krinkov design (2-piece Design Available here)
  • Solid Machined Construction
  • Ultra black nitride melonite Treated
  • Increased back pressure for better cycling
  • 1/2"x28 



Size            Dims                         Weight               Thread

.223/5.56:    1.4375"  X 3.25"            7.8 oz.               1/2" x 28


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