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Black Rain Ordnance, .936 Gas Block, Adjustable, Black Phosphate


Vendor: Black Rain Ordnance

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Black Rain Ordnance .936 Gas Block, Adjustable, Black Finish


  • For  .936" diameter gas block barrels
  • Clamp style -- has two screws on the bottom so you can get in on the tightest fit barrel
  • Black Rain Ordnance biohazard logo
  • Comes with long hex wrench to adjust
  • Adjustment wrench is US 5/64 and is 6.125" long
  • Includes Set Screws


This is the generation 2 adjustable AR Roll pin is included. Black Rain doesn't supply one but we include one for you.15 gas block from Syrac. Black Rain has the exclusive on this one. The generation 2 does not require the 'button' be pressed while adjusting. With this one you simply insert the supplied long hex wrench from the front and turn to the next 'click' in either direction. It doesn't leak as some of the generation 1's were prone to.

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