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COBRATAC Competition Carbon Series | Slim, Key Mod, 16.5" Free Float Hand-Guard


Vendor: Cobra tactical Systems

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Cobratac Competition Carbon Hand-guards are Designed for the Astute competitive shooter in mind. The Competition Carbon has 8 sides and feels very slim and ergonomic in your hand. The Hex design allows for much more lateral rigidity thus fostering an even lighter hand-guard than ever before. We use a Gen 4 carbon fiber that is resistant to sub zero temps, as well as ultra violet light, yet does not conduct heat and keeps your hand cooler during competition. The tensile strength is stronger than any steel alloy at a fraction of the weight. The competition carbon hand-guard utilizes a modular rail system so you can position the detachable rails where you want and remove them where you don't. 

Note: our Key-Mod Handguards are proprietary, they are not compatible with other keymod systems.

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The CTS Slim Hex Carbon is easy to install:  

  1. Use a 3/32" hex tool, loosen the set screws to release the barrel nut
  2. Insert barrel into reciever, align the index pin.
  3. Using a 1-3/16" Crow Foot Wrench Tighten barrel nut to 25-30 lbs. use blue LocTite
  4. Slide rail adapter over barrel nut, align gas hole and insert the gas tube.
  5. Tighten set screws to 1lb slide hand guard on to check for alignment
  6. Once aligned, tighten set screws to 2-3 lbs using blue lock tite
  7. slide handguard over and tighten set screws to 7-10 lbs using blue loctite
  8. Go Shoot!

  • Material: Gen 4 Slim HEX Carbon Fiber 
  • Product Condition: Product comes assembled , as shown in the photos.
  • Dimensions:  OD: 1.80"  -  ID: 1.76"
  • Barrel Nut: GEN-4 , 2 Piece system, Use 1 3/16" Crows Foot 

       Length            Weight

  • 16 (16.5")            13.5 oz. 

    In The Box:

    • 1x Carbon fiber free float HEX Slim
    • 1x 2 piece barrel nut with rail adapter
    • 1x billet end cap 
    • 3x 3.75" accessory rails
    • Comes pre-assembled with all needed hardware

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