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CTS Venom Compact Green Pistol Laser - Pressure Switch | Glock , H&K USP, M&P


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Compact Green Laser (CGL) has a compact design to easily fit pistols such as the Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P, and even the H&K USP with no adapter needed. The lightweight design refrains from adding unnecessary weight to the pistol. The laser is streamlined when mounted to a pistol to decrease snag points and increase compatibility with various holsters. Bright Pure Green Laser Beam. with 98% of 532NM Wavelength Working Temperature Range is - 0-120 degree Fahrenheit and in this Range it's Physical Properties are always stable. Designed For Pistol and Rifle Use. 



  • on/off dual mode trigger finger activated switch
  • Continuous and Strobing Laser designation
  • Pressure activated switch included, no need to turn laser power on
  • Weaver mount, will fit H&K USP rail without adapter


  • Laser wavelength (nm): 532- Laser type: Class IIIa
  • Laser power output (mW): <6
  • Dot size (in @ 50yd) approximately: 3''
  • Visibility-day (yd/m): 50- Visibility-night (yd/m): 600/550
  • 2 Modes of operation, Continuous and Strobing (for less battery consumption)
  • Batteries: Uses two CR 1/3N Lithium Battery  or four AG13 Battery (Low Cost)
  • Battery Life: CR 1/3N - 10Hrs Continuous, 15Hrs Strobing | AG13 - 4Hrs Continuous, 6Hrs Strobing
  • Maximum recoil (G's): 1,000 G's
  • Adjustment value: Continuous
  • Elevation adjustment range, MOA: Approximately 420
  • Windage adjustment range, MOA: Approximately 140
  • Operating Temperature: 0F-120F
  • Range: 600M
  • Beam Width <0.1 nM
  • Beam Divergence <1mrad
  • Beam Diameter <1mm

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