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LUCID OPTICS, 2x Magnifier Threaded for HD7 & M7 | Black



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Lucid Optics 2x Magnifier, 2oz, Threaded For Hd7 & M7 Red Dot.  The Lucid 2x Screw-In Magnifier for LUCID HD7 Red Dot Sights L-2X has been designed to be an amazing addition to your already amazing Lucid Red Dot Weapon Sight. This Red Dot Magnifier from Lucid was specifically designed to answer the demand for those who want a dedicated magnified view for their 1x red dot optic. With a built in ocular focus adjustment and a very forgiving eye relief the Lucid HD7 Screw-In Red Dot Magnifier will bring the targets close enough to gain the added precision you may be looking for on your set-up. Also, those operators that may have a tiny bit of uncorrected astigmatism should know that a little magnification, provided by the Lucid 2x HD7 Screw-In Red Dot Sight Magnifier will help correct the appearance of a blurry reticle.

Magnification: 2x
Fits: HD7 Red Dot & M7 Micro Red Dot
FOV @ 100yds: 37ft
Weight: 2oz
Eye Relief: 2" - 7"
  • UPC Code: 850341002061
  • Manufacturer: LUCID OPTICS
  • Manufacturer Part #: L-2X
  • Fit: Threaded for HD7 & M7 Red Dot
  • Model: 2x Magnifier
  • Type: Magnifier
  • Power: 2X
  • Objective: N/A
  • Finish/Color: Matte Black
  • Size: 2oz
  • Description: 2x Magnification
  • Subcategory: Red Dot Sights & Non-Magnified Optics

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