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MagWell Grip, AR-15 Forward Magazine Well Grip - Black


Vendor: CTS

  • $2119

Product Description:

Using the mag well as a grip allows you to raise your weapon much faster than the using the hand guard (rotational inertia). This grip makes using the mag well as a grip much more comfortable. Grip is tight fitting and accommodates the whole hand. The flare at the bottom really makes blind magazine changing simple and quick as it gives you a much larger area to aim for.

GEN 1: NO WINDOW (no window as pictured for SN)


Note: As others have pointed out you will almost certainly need to shave some material out of the grooves that the mag well lips go in to. This area widely varies from receiver receiver. Once you do that though you will have the perfect add-on for any AR.

Product Features:

  • The MWG converts the magazine well into a comfortable vertical grip for better control of the weapon.
  • Allows a tight stance for speed and maneuverability.
  • Prevents pressure on non-free-floating hand guards that can affect accuracy. Keeps hands off the magazine.
  • The MWG also functions as a flared and extended magazine well to speed reloads.
  • Fits MIL-SPEC M16, M4 and AR-15 lowers. (May need slight Dremel to accommodate Variations)
  • Hi Tech composite polymer material
  • Not Retail box Comes in an OEM Packaging due to custom hydro-dip colors



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