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These Barrels have been professionally developed for Accuracy and competition target shooting, a 16" H-Bar which is more rigid will eliminate any vibration and improve barrel accuracy. Our H-Bar Competition barrels offer the accuracy of a bull barrel but the lighter weight approaching that of an M-4 Profile. H-Bar Profile for increased Strength, Rigidity, and Cooling, while Reducing weight compared to Standard 18-20" bull barrels. Custom Machined from solid Bar Stock of Chrome-Moly Steel Hardened to 26-32 RC Spec and then Cryogenically Stress relieved and Melonited for prolonged accuracy and durability under heavy use/competition.

Nitride Treated:Read about this process being better than Chrome lined bores

These barrels have been treated with a Black Nitride treatment (melonite). The result of this process is markedly improved surface properties on ferrous metal parts while maintaining dimensional and shape stability. Metal components treated with Black Nitride have increased wear-resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, lubricity and cosmetic appeal. Often replacing the more expensive processes of hard chrome or nickel plating, Black Nitride gives better corrosion protection. Additionally, Black Nitride is commonly used as an alternative to high temperature conventional heat treatments such as carburizing and carbonitriding. 


Our H-Bar Match Barrels are capable of 1/2" MOA 5 shot group at 100 Yards. This means all 5 shots will be touching. 



  • H Bar Profile
  • Melonite/Nitride Lined Bore and exterior for superb corrosion resistance.
  • 1/8 twist, 6 groove button rifled
  • 300 AAC Blackout Match chamber 
  • Cryo Stress Relieved, Melonite Black Surface finish
  • Mil spec M4 feed Ramp Cuts
  • .750 Gas BLock Dia.
  • Carbine length gas, direct impingement system
  • Gas port drilled and tuned for optimal cycling
  • 5/8 x 24 threading so our .308 brakes will work
  • Barrel extension with extension Pin Installed
  • weighs 2.25 LBS

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