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Patriot Ordnance Factory Dictator Adjustable Gas Block | Carbine 9 Position


Vendor: Patriot Ordnance Factory

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Patriot Ordnance Factory Dictator Carbine Length Gas Block, 9 Position, Direct Impingement, Gas Tube Included, Black Finish 00837 This is the Dictator Gas Block from POF-USA. It’s a 9 position Direct Impingement gas block, designed to provide a wide range of adjustability to better control rate of fire and gas flow. It is low profile, fitting under rail systems with a pic rail channel of .5 in. or greater and is set up for barrels manufactured for a .750 gas block.. A dial on the front of the gas block can be manipulated with a flathead screwdriver, 3/32 in. hex wrench and dictation tool (all of which come in the gas block kit). Each Dictator comes with an applicable length gas tube (carbine and mid-length currently available).

Model: Dictator
Product Type: Gas Block
Finish/Color: Black
Description: 9 Position, Direct Impingement, Gas Tube Included

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