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Predator Tri-Beam Red Laser, W/ Pressure Switch


Vendor: CTS

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Predator Tri-Beam Red Laser, W/ Pressure Switch, Picatinny Rail Mount


For faster target acquisition mount the red tri-beam laser attachment and acquire targets in both day or night with ease. Designed to mount onto pistols or rifles or shotguns, the laser is built to match your weapon, with a hard anodized aluminum construction. Improve your shot and a sure life saver for home defense. All Aluminum Alloy body unlike imitations built for airsoft. For pistols of all caliber.

Product Specs

  • Battery type: C123A (included)
  • Pressure Switch included
  • For Picatinny; Mil-Spec; Weaver Style Rails (w/ minimum rail length of 1.75")
  • Power / Wavelength: 635-655 nM
  • Red Laser / 5Mw
  • Operating Temperature: 10F-130F
  • Spot Size: 5/16" @ 7 Yds; 3/4" @ 25 Yds
  • Pressure Switch Included
  • Predator Tri-Beam three red lasers